Dirty Shirley

by A Bridge Too Far



This is so wasting
of copper plating
i've taken more than you
the curtains closing
people erasing
No memories of you

The darkness of the light
feeds me inside
and i wonder if i go
to blinding lights
so far away that
pain has taken it's toll

And now the scars have shown that
i would be there
to let the poison go
and since i left you alive
you've taken all

Take my hand and let's get away
just hold on
Death is just a fake embrace
(i knew this wasn't meant to be over)
fix me up for a thousand time
just hold on
forgotten time is a passing thing
with heads buried in sand were not alive

-Guitar solo-

My darling please just let me live
for i feel whole

signs of the weird shape wrist
Concern me all

And now the time is passing
and i can feel it
I've let my body go
I'm not coming back
to save you from


released 14 May 2013
Lyrics - Sean von Stockhausen
Producer - Lennart Brugman
Drums - Marco Pieterson
Vocals - Lennart Brugman
Mastered - Zownd




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